Going green: Juhi Chawla takes to gardening amid lockdown, says this will teach me how to value things – bollywood


People are immersing themselves in a variety of activities, but few are as ‘fruitful’ – quite literally – as gardening. Actor Juhi Chawla, who is excited about growing coriander and tomatoes in her home garden herself for the first time, feels the whole exercise will leave a positive impact on her.

On social media, Chawla excitedly shared photographs in which she was preparing beds for fenugreek, coriander and tomatoes. While she admits it’s therapeutic for the mind, she wonders, “When they grow, ’Will I be able to even cut them and eat them?’ because I will value them so much as it’s something we grew.. I wouldn’t want to eat them. So, I think this will also teach me how to value things and use them well.” 

The 52-year-old now realises that when things come from the market, one tends to not have “emotional attachment” and we end up wasting so much. “But when you grow things yourself, when you nurture them, and they grow in front of you, it’s an entirely different feeling,” she adds.

Chawla has had an interest in organic farming. She even has a farm outside of Mumbai where she has a team of people who grow things organically. At home, a gardener tends to the plants, but because of the lockdown, he’s away. That’s how the idea of trying to plant something herself struck the actor. 

“The little methi seeds already sprouted in a day or so, and I was so excited when I saw it… I am living, learning, having some fun. It will be more exciting when they start sprouting more, and I see them grow more,” she says, adding that she’s waiting to surprise her teenage son who told her, “Oh c’mon mom, you really can’t be doing this”.

“I hope it then creates some kind of interest in him,” the doting mom hopes.

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