Raveena Tandon is ‘going back to being 15’ in new TikTok video featuring daughter Rasha. Watch – bollywood


With celebrities currently quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of them are turning to TikTok to entertain their fans. Raveena Tandon has also jumped on the TikTok bandwagon and has been sharing fun videos featuring her daughter Rasha Thadani.

Raveena took the ‘Beauty Mode Challenge’, which has people going from their no make-up looks to glamorous in a matter of seconds. However, she gave the viral trend her own little twist.

In the video, Raveena has a perplexed expression on her face as she lip-syncs to the voiceover asking, “What the hell is beauty mode? What does this do?” She then covers the camera before the next shot reveals her daughter Rasha, who mouths the words, “Oh, damn! Okay, okay!”

Raveena captioned the video, “#freakymonday going back to being 15! #goingbackintime!” In her caption, she seemed to be making a reference to the 2003 comedy Freaky Friday, in which the bodies of the mother and daughter are switched because of magical fortune cookies.


Recently, Raveena came up with a new initiative, which appealed to miscreants to stop violence against medical professionals and applaud their contribution during the pandemic. She also urged them not to fall prey to fake news and rumours.

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“We have been watching on TV the attacks on the angels of mercy, as I would call the medical professionals, who are at the moment at the forefront in this war against Covid-19. Doctors and nurses are out there, our soldiers who are battling selflessly without caring for their lives. And then to see some ungrateful people attack them, spit on them, heave unruly, and throw stones and bricks at them… to see our doctors bleeding and going through this, and yet still fearlessly stepping out every day, disheartens me,” she told Hindustan Times in an interview.

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