We cannot decide who is the real star of this video: the mum or her son. Can you? – it s viral


This son made a guest appearance on his mom’s poha cooking video tutorial and completely stole the show.

This almost 30-second-long clip was shared on Twitter from Akshar Pathak’s official handle on April 6. It shows the first 20 seconds of a poha recipe video by YouTube chef Kabita. The video has been aptly shared with the text, “Please watch the first 20 seconds of this poha recipe video, this is the quickest I’ve subscribed to a youtube channel”. And we believe watching this recording is going to make you want to subscribe as well!

The tutorial begins just like any other, with the chef introducing herself and telling the viewers a bit about what they are going to learn to make. However, Kabita had barely finished her introductions when the real star of the video literally ‘pops’ into the frame. It is none other than her cheeky son. The mom tries to keep a straight face and continue on with her instructions but who can focus when such a cutie is just making faces at the camera. After a while, Kabita gives up and addresses the elephant in the room, or in this case the child in the video frame. She tells the viewers that this is her naughty son who comes into videos even after being told otherwise. In a bit, both, mother and son start giggling.

This little clip has almost 80,000 views on Twitter. Additionally, it has garnered almost 500 retweets and 5000 likes.

Here is how tweeple reacted to this content.

So what are your thoughts on this sweet yet unexpected mother-son collab?

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