Who needs a hooman parent when you have such a nice cat sibling. Watch – it s viral


Siblinghood is probably one of the most complex yet rewarding dynamics some have the honour of experiencing. Many believe it is a bittersweet relationship, filled with some fights, some tattling, usually lots of banter, and a whole lot of underlying affection. This video of two cat siblings hanging out represents the beautiful intricacies of this dynamic extremely appropriately.

This 15-second-long clip was posted on Reddit on May 23. Shared on the subreddit ‘animals being bros’ the video has been captioned, “Keeping his brother entertained”.

The recording shows two felines hanging out on a carpet. One black-and-white furred kitty, who is sitting closer to the lens, has a string in its mouth which is attached to a stuffed mouse toy. It uses the string to make the toy go around whilst the other cat watches intensely. Enamoured by the plaything’s movement, the feline with a dusty-coat lays on the ground. The film ends with the kitty on the further end of the camera staring at the one closer to the lens, probably highly entertained. Now if this isn’t a wholesome sibling interaction we don’t know what is.

Since being shared the post has acquired almost 16,000 upvotes and nearly 100 comments.

keeping his brother entertained from r/AnimalsBeingBros

Here is how Redditors reacted to the pair. One person said, “I like when the brother rolls over a bit and the entertainer stops and looks at him, then the brother was like, ‘okay, go on…’”. To which another individual responded with, “He even kicks his little leg out”.

“I love this,” read one comment. A Reddit user further announced, “This is wholesome” and we completely agree.

What are your thoughts on the duo?

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